The Benefits of Travel Insurance


Planning your vacation means making sure you are ready to travel. That means packing everything you know you’re going to need. It can also mean judging the merits of travel insurance, deciding what are the benefits of travel insurance and which policy is an undertaking every traveler should explore in detail.


“Do I need travel insurance”? Ultimately, this is a choice you have to make on your own. However, we believe that if you are planning to spend thousands of dollars on a dream vacation, then you should make it a point to ensure you are protected on every possible front.


Breaking Down Travel Insurance

Simply put, travel insurance provides protection against the long list of potential problematic scenarios that can occur during a vacation. Weather, delayed flights, and getting sick are just three of the unfortunate possibilities that can befall you during your dream trip. Good travel insurance from a reliable carrier can give you a comprehensive ally, should any of these things occur.


However, the odd thing is that so few people opt to purchase travel insurance. It is seen as an unnecessary luxury, and just twenty-two percent of travelers opt to take out insurance. Given that travel insurance can provide very real protection against having your vacation interrupted in some form or fashion, it seems surprising that so few people would utilize it.  For example, many vacations require you to pay some or all of the major costs up front. This can include paying ahead of time for a cruise, a hotel, or even some sort of tour. Travel insurance can protect you from losing money on any of those things, in the event that your plans are dramatically changed or cancelled in some form or fashion. Medical insurance may not cover you, in the event that you are injured or become sick while on vacation. This is where travel insurance can prove to be extremely useful.


In fact, there are a number of ways in which you can benefit from using travel insurance.


Travel Insurance Benefits

Accommodation coverage is another travel insurance benefit to consider. Imagine a hurricane or other event cuts off your stay at your hotel, or causes your flight plans to be dramatically altered, or even cancelled. With any event along these lines, you’re going to be glad you had travel insurance. This coverage can extend to medical help. It can also provide you with protection, in the event that you need legal assistance.


In terms of filing a claim, there are a few things to keep in mind. Understand that if your insurance is designed to specifically protect you against a certain possibility, then you have the right to file a claim as it relates to that possibility. In certain extreme situations, you may be forced to pay interest that comes from the date of the initial complaint. It is important to remember that when it comes to insurance companies, you are dealing with companies that are more often than not going to do everything possible to keep from receiving you what you deserve.


As is often the case, language as it pertains to insurance matters is worth paying attention to. For example, if your carrier promises to reimburse you for “unused portions”, you are going to want to be wary. There are several ways in which this language can be manipulated, with the end result being that you do not receive the actual “unused portions.” You may have to be prepared to fight your insurance carrier in these situations.


The case of Waters v. Travel Guard International is a good example of this scenario. In situations such as these, the insurance company is going to use extraordinary circumstances to avoid paying the individual what they are owed. They will manipulate the language of your contract to either pay less than the agreed-upon amount, or to avoid paying you at all.


This is not meant to scare you. At the end of the day, travel insurance can still prove to be extremely useful. This is particularly true for those vacations that are costing you thousands of dollars, if not even more than that. You will simply want to keep in mind that sometimes, you are going to need a trusted legal professional to help you with the claim.


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