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The Benefits of Travel Insurance

  Planning your vacation means making sure you are ready to travel. That means packing everything you know you’re going to need. It can also mean judging the merits of travel insurance, deciding what are the benefits of travel insurance and which policy is an undertaking every traveler should explore in detail.   “Do I need travel insurance”? Ultimately, this is a choice you have to make on your own. However, we believe that if you are planning to spend thousands of dollars on a dream vacation, then you should make it a point to ensure you are protected on every possible front.   Breaking Down Travel Insurance Simply put, travel insurance provides protection against the long list of potential problematic scenarios that can occur during a vacation. Weather, delayed flights, and getting sick are just three of the unfortunate possibilities that can befall you during your dream trip. Good travel insurance from a reliable carrier can give you a comprehensive ally, should any of these things occur.   However, the odd thing is that so few people opt to purchase travel insurance. It is seen as an unnecessary luxury, and just twenty-two percent of travelers opt to take out insurance. Given that travel insurance can provide very real protection against having your vacation interrupted in some form or fashion, it seems surprising that so few people would utilize it.  For example, many vacations require you to pay some or all of the major costs up front. This can include paying ahead of time for a cruise, a hotel, or even some sort of tour. Travel insurance can protect you from losing money on any of those things, in the event that your plans are dramatically changed or cancelled in some form or fashion. Medical insurance may not cover you, in the event that you are injured or become sick while on vacation. This is where travel insurance can prove to be extremely useful.   In fact, there are a number of ways in which you can benefit from using travel insurance.   Travel Insurance Benefits Accommodation coverage is another travel insurance benefit to consider. Imagine a hurricane or other event cuts off your stay at your hotel, or causes your flight plans to be dramatically altered, or even cancelled. With any event along these lines, you’re going to be glad you had travel insurance. This coverage can extend to medical help. It can also provide you with protection, in the event that you need legal assistance.   In terms of filing a claim, there are a few things to keep in mind. Understand that if your insurance is designed to specifically protect you against a certain possibility, then you have the right to file a claim as it relates to that possibility. In certain extreme situations, you may be forced to pay interest that comes from the date of the initial complaint. It is important to remember that when it comes to insurance companies, you are dealing with companies that are more often than not going to do everything possible to keep from receiving you what you deserve.   As is often the case, language as it pertains to insurance matters is worth paying attention to. For example, if your carrier promises to reimburse you for “unused portions”, you are going to want to be wary. There are several ways in which this language can be manipulated, with the end result being that you do not receive the actual “unused portions.” You may have to be prepared to fight your insurance carrier in these situations.   The case of Waters v. Travel Guard International is a good example of this scenario. In situations such as these, the insurance company is going to use extraordinary circumstances to avoid paying the individual what they are owed. They will manipulate the language of your contract to either pay less than the agreed-upon amount, or to avoid paying you at all.   This is not meant to scare you. At the end of the day, travel insurance can still prove to be extremely useful. This is particularly true for those vacations that are costing you thousands of dollars, if not even more than that. You will simply want to keep in mind that sometimes, you are going to need a trusted legal professional to help you with the claim.  


What to Know About Morocco

Morocco is an amazing vacation destination with many different areas to choose from. The mountainous valleys and the vast deserts allow tourists with many places to explore. If your destination is along the coast you’re sure to get a brilliant sight from the bright blue waters that line it. So what exactly makes morocco a great vacation destination? A Brief History Morocco has been inhabited by humans for tens of thousands of years, discusses Redwood City Accident Attorneys. From the Iberomaurusian to the Berber cultures many different kinds of humans inhabited the land. Trading colonies were said to have been set up as early as 6 BC. Many years later in about 1830 the French and the Spanish began to both show interest in Morocco. The French for its close Algerian boarder, and the Spanish for its industrial gains. The Spanish later took over the Northern and Southern most parts of the Sahara while the French was in control of the rest. The French decided to leave the land alone and allow it to remain as it was but the Spanish had other plans in mind. They quickly began to make use of the agriculture and began to build farms, mine, and harbors. The colonists that inhabited Morocco didn’t like what the Spanish nation was doing to their precious land and sought help from France to gain more control over it. Deciding that it was time for a change, the French took that majority of the control over the land. Soon after Morocco began to become more established.  A schooling system was created, and slavery was abolished. But it wasn’t long before the Colonists that inhabited Morocco to get fed up of being ruled by other countries. Somewhere between 1921 and 1926 the colonists attempted a rebellion but the French and Spanish soldiers were too over powering. And in 1943 another rebellion was in the midst’s with the unknown help from the US. In 1952 when the French exiled Mohammad V and replaced him with Mohammed Ben Aarafa the rebellion start to take hold. The French, seeing that the violence would not stop, allowed Mohammad V to return in 1955 and the Morocco independence negations began the following year. In March of 1956 Morocco was finally considered independent and Mohammad V became King in 1957. After Mohammad’s death in 1961 Hassan II became King. Years later his son, Mohammad VI, became King in 1999. Throughout the years of his rein Morocco has been plagued with protests and uprisings. Tourism There are many amazing things for tourists to do despite it’s less than happy background. Chefchaouen is one of the favorite cities for tourists to stay in. It’s beautiful architecture is set along the side of a mountain and resembles something that may be seen in Greece. Another favorite tourist spot is the Todra Gorge. Located on the east side of the Atlas Mountains, the gorge is surrounded by vast cliff drops that can stretch up to 160 meters high. The smallest part of the gorge is just 10 meters wide in some places. It was made over the years from the many rivers that used to run through the valley. Perhaps one of the most well-known and arguably favorite places in Morocco is the town of Djemaa el Fna. In the center of the town is a great square that is always occupied. You can find things like snake charmers, magicians, physics, people holding monkeys, and food stands. The night life is the most interesting about the place because once night falls some say the entire town becomes a giant party. Who wouldn’t want to visit a place such as this?


How To Enjoy The Great Casablanca

What to do while in Casablanca Many people enjoy traveling to other countries. It is an exciting and amazing experience. Casablanca, Morocco is one of the favorite destinations among travelers across the world. With its amazing coastal views, vast mountains, and deserts it’s hard not to like a place like Casablanca. So what exactly should you do while you’re there? Check out these places! Playas AinDiab y La Corniche With a beach on one side and a shopping/dining strip on the other who wouldn’t want to check out this place while in Casablanca? The beautiful ocean views make the beach a nice and lovely place to take a stroll while the strip allows you to grab a bite to eat or spend a little, or let’s face it, a lot of time shopping. Isesco Park This park it located in a place in Casablanca where the chaos of the city can be forgotten. Filled with beautiful trees, bushes, flowers, and other various plants the park is a great place to be. You can go for a jog, have a picnic, play with your kids, or just sit on a bench and read a book. No matter what you do you’re sure to feel the peacefulness that seems to radiate from this wonderful and beautiful place. Foret De Bouskoura Foret De Bouskourais another one of Casablanca’s more peaceful areas. Many of the locals enjoy coming there for a run or to have a BBQ. The trails are well posted and as long as you stay on the right path you shouldn’t have to worry about getting lost in the woods. Made up of mostly Eucalyptus trees, Foret De Bouskourais the closest thing that Casablanca has to a forest. Parc de la LigueArabe Parc de la LigueArabeis like the towns own mini carnival. With select rides, games, and food stands it’s just like an average carnival, only slightly smaller. Many of the locals like to come and take a stroll down the avenue of palms. Others like to pick a spot under a shady tree and read for a while. Transportation The busy life in Casablanca can get tiresome and sometimes travel can be difficult with all of the traffic in town. Thankfully they have a few options to choose from as opposed to driving yourself around. You can take a quick taxi ride, catch the city tram, and they are even putting in an Underground Railroad system much like one you would find in New York, which will lead to major reduction in drunk driving accidents. The Underground Railroad isn’t ready just yet, but production has been started on it. It is said to be completed sometime in 2017. This will be a great way to lessen travel times and traffic jams. Crime Crime has been in issue in Casablanca, and much of Morocco for some time now. Thankfully Officials are realizing just how bad the crime rates are and there are now more patrols and officers on hand at all times. Night time is probably the most dangerous time to be out in Casablanca. If you do absolutely have to be out at night never go out on your own, the crime rates spike much more during the night than they do during the day. The places with the highest crime rates in Casablanca are the most populated places. With more people around it is easier for someone to snatch your purse or bag and you might not even notice. With so many people around it’s also harder to determine exactly who the culprit was. So take caution when surrounded by a bunch of people and really take caution during the night.